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Grab Yer Uke and March for Science 11am April 22, 2017 – MSU Bozeman

Get out your ukulele and March for Science, Saturday, April 22, 2017.

This community event is organized by MSU students, but all science loving citizens are welcome. Wouldn’t it be fun to add a colorful ukulele presence to the atmosphere? It’s a national non-partisan effort to support the vital role science plays in global health, safety, economies, and governments.

WHEN: The March for Science rally is scheduled to begin at 10 am Saturday April 22 on the MSU Centennial Mall, which is just South of Montana Hall (the red brick building in the center of campus with a bell tower). The March is scheduled to start sometime between 11 and Noon, so let’s set our ukulele timing as follows:

UKERS MEET UP 11:00 am in front of MSU Renne Library to pick up music and maybe do a run-through. (The library is just across the Mall from Montana Hall, a bit to the SW, so if you are at the rally, you’ll be able to glance over and see if we’re there. From there, we can get organized and still keep an eye on rally doins. Once we feel “as organized as we’re getting,” we’ll rejoin the rally and march as a group.)

I’ll bring masking tape, so we can tape music to the person in front of us if needed! 🙂 It’s an easy 3-chord song, though, so even if you don’t know it yet, join us!

If the weather’s nice, I’ll bring some other spring songs and we can have an impromptu Earth Day play-along afterward if people feel like it.

SEE YOU THERE! Plan 15 minutes for park & walk, as there’s not a lot of parking near MSU! The Field House lot across from Town & Country is always a safe option if you can’t find anything closer.

Here’s some more background on the event and below are resources for practicing our Galaxy Song.

Bozeman Chronicle: April 19 2017 story by Gail Schontzler

Bozeman March for Science Facebook Event:  (This page includes maps and stuff, in case you’re not familiar with the campus area.)

March for Science Bozeman page on Facebook:

Not familiar with the Galaxy song? Here’s the darling Eric Idle himself performing it (we’ll skip the instrumental):

I’ll provide music sheets for Monty Python’s Galaxy Song, which you can also download here as a PDF:  Galaxy Song

Or practice right from here (sorry, we’re not playing in the same key as the video):