Monthly Archives: July 2012

No play-along in August, but fun events on the horizon

Bozeman is hopping in August, so we will be taking a hiatus from play-along Woodshed Sessions at the Bozeman Public Library during the month of August. This will give you some quiet time to take your ukulele hiking, fishing, and camping.

But exciting things are on the horizon! Irrepressibly creative adventure ukuleleist Samuel Sveen is organizing some performance events for the new back-room space at Wild Joe’s Coffeehouse, and this is the PERFECT opportunity for Bozeman to take the Ukulele Cabaret concept to the next level. (If the back room of a coffee shop can be called a level…)

No, really, Sam is fun, friendly and a fine ukulele performer in his own right. He and I are in the process of cooking up something creative that’s sure to flush all the most interesting ukemeisters out of the woodwork and onward to dubious fame/infamy.

Get ready to practice up a song and do your plinking into a microphone. Be brave.

Stay tuned!


BTO for the Ukulele: Takin Care of Business

One of my grade school friends had a teenaged cousin with giant biceps who was constantly lurking around in the driveway, working on a white 57 Ford truck with a garish candy apple red cab and an iridescent FORD sticker in the back window. In spite of its fickle transmission, the truck was outfitted with a fully functioning 8-track player, and all evidence points to the likelihood that “BTO’s Greatest” was the only album it ever played.

I didn’t do such a great job of noting the chords here, but if you know what the song sounds like, the additional charts show which finger to hammer on and off of the C, Bb and F chords to get a suitably bitching effect.

Summery songs for the ukulele

We’re gearing up for our July 9 play-along  (Monday, July 9 at 5:15 pm at the Bozeman Public Library) so I’m getting inspired for some fun summer songs. With deepest apologies to Jonathan Richman and Eddie Cochran, I give you newly transposed versions of “Ice Cream Man” and “Summertime Blues.” I switched them to keys that are a little easier to play for uke beginners.

If you haven’t heard “Ice Cream Man,” it’s a Richman classic! (I was too lazy to include the full arrangement, so you will just have to run out and buy lots of Johnathan Richman albums in order to fully immerse yourself in his music and then commit the arrangement to memory.)