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Performer List + Dibs List for Sept 28 Beatles/Stones Ukulele night

Wow. People are excited about the All-Ukulele Beatles and Stones Covers night Friday, Sept 28 at Wild Joes.

If you want to perform a song or two at the Beatles/Stones Ukulele night, add a comment to this (or any) Ukulele Cabaret post with your name and the song you plan to perform, and I’ll get you on the list, while space lasts. You can play solo or duo or whatever you like (bearing in mind limited mic availability) but try to keep it Beatles + Stones + Ukulele.

Here is a list of slated performers and a running tally of “dibsed” songs. Check the dibs list to find out if you are planning to do the same song as somebody else.

The songs on the dibs list marked *group are planned as all-play songs: i.e. a core group plus anyone who wants to join in, so bring your uke! We’ll have lyric cheat sheets and chord charts on hand, and some of the songs are super EASY, so even beginners can give it a shot. All are welcome!


BEATLES SET 7:00-8:00

–“Two of Us” — Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret group

–“Hey Jude” –Deborah M. + Olivia L.

–“Rocky Racoon” — Shayna G. + Rachel H.

–“You Really Got a Hold on Me” –Samuel S.

–“Let it Be” –Olivia L.

–“Bungalow Bill” –Will S.

–“Across the Universe” –Will S.

–“All My Lovin'” –Martin R.

–“I’ve Just Seen a Face” — Joe S.

–“You Can’t Do That” –Crazy Carl

–“All I’ve Got to Do” –Marla  (maybe)

–“Norwegian Wood” *group – all play

–“Back in the USSR” *group – all play (maybe)

–“A Little Help from My Friends” *group – all play

STONES SET 8:10 -9:00

–“Paint it Black” –Shayna G. and Rachel H.

–“Under my Thumb” –Margot Z.

–“Ruby Tuesday” –Mark G.

–“Wild Horses” –Marla G. + Mark G.

–“The Last Time” –Mark G. et al.

–“Waiting on a Friend” –Joe S.

–“Factory Girl” –Mike W.

–“Dead Flowers” *group – all play

–“Honky Tonk Woman” *group – all play

–“Jumpin Jack Flash” *group – all play

–“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” *group – all play


–Mark Grenier

–Marla Goodman

–Samuel Sveen

–Deborah Mesko

–Olivia Langan

–Shayna Gibson

–Rachel Hergett

–Margot Zell

–Will Strand

–Martin Rollefson

–Joe Schwem

–Molly Taylor

–Mike Williams


Uke Ant Always Get What You Want… Ukulele Beatles and Stones Night Sept 28.

Ukulele Beatles and Stones Night, Sept 28 2012 at Wild Joes, Bozeman MTThis just in:

The Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret has booked Friday, Sept. 28 7-9 pm for an ALL-UKE, ALL-BEATLES, ALL-STONES performance night up front at Wild Joes Coffeehouse in Bozeman.

This time, instead of open mic, we’re having a performer list. That is: If you want to perform one or a couple Beatles or Stones songs that night (solo or in groups) contact me to get on the performer list. (I do receive comments left on this blog.)

If you need a little backup, or some help getting your song prepared, we have Beatles and Stones song gurus on call 24-7. Drop a line, the Beatles/Stones ukulele emergency response team is standing by.

(As a finale we will do a couple of songs as a big group — more info on that later. Definitely “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” — other play-along songs TBD.)

Mark the calendar — SPREAD THE WORD — and dibs your favorite Stones/Beatles cover today!

More to come, soon!