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Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret Caroling at Highgate Senior Living Dec 4 2016

Thanks Elizabeth Crowell for sending us a link to this video of our Dec 4 2016 caroling outing to Highgate Senior Living! Between the practice/play-along at Cold Smoke Coffee and the caroling event at Highgate, more than 25 ukers came out last Sunday.

Thanks to our hosts Cold Smoke and Highgate, and to Susan J. for organizing, David D. for photos, and all the ukers who came, played, sang and schlepped music stands, folding stools and other ukulele cabaret paraphernalia!

Our volunteer troupe also played carols at Gallatin Rest Home on Monday, Dec. 5. Thanks to all the strummers who make the time to bring a smile to our Bozeman seniors.

If you’re interested in visiting the Gallatin Rest Home with our drop-in ukulele group on alternating Mondays at 3pm, check out more info here.