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2016 Picnic Photos

If you missed the 2016 Bozeman Ukulele Picnic at Story Mansion Park, here’s a taste of the fun. Thanks to those who helped out and showed up, and thanks to our co-sponsors, Bozeman Parks and Recreation, for providing this fabulous venue through their Pickin in the Park program.

We had 10 students for the beginner lesson, and a good sized smattering of picnickers who came out to join us on a perfect sunny day.

We had some great open mic performances and played some fun songs together with help from Mark G, Mark S. and Joe and Tara. As usual, Marla’s partner, David, did much of the grunt work and took photos for us!

We were pleased to see some new players join in the play-along. They even helped us bid a fond farewell to our good friend, Mark Sinclair, famous baker and ukulele all-star, with the songs “I’ve Never been to Spain” and “Amigos para Siempre.” (Henceforth there will be no mention of the “Stairway to Heaven” train-wreck! 🙂

In celebration of 5 years (and possibly our last picnic) we ordered some keen swag and gave out some door prizes. Congrats to lucky winners and thanks to all who patronized our swag table — I hope you’re all loving your tee shirts, tote bags and coffee mugs! If you missed the chance to buy something I’ve posted the leftovers on our facebook page. Thanks again to all who helped make this year’s picnic happen.


A Folking Good Time – March 13 2016

Thanks everybody for coming out, pitching in and joining the fun! Mark Grenier made the sound happen for our open mic and Geoff Gamble provided inspiration for our folk song line-up (not to mention leading many songs). Thanks David for the photos and thanks open mic performers for putting it out there. You (folk) rocked! See you next time.


Valentine uke night 2016 photos

Well, we did it again. Another night of Valentine ukulele fun at Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot in downtown Bozeman. Thanks to all who came out, helped out, and belted out love and heartache songs with us, and special thanks to Sinclair’s Bakery for our delicious apfelstrudel prizes! If you want to relive the fun, here’s this year’s song list. Get out yer uke!  Valentine 2016 FINAL


Ukulele Picnic photos Sept. 27, 2015

About 30 ukulele players showed up to send off summer at Beall Park Recreation Center on Sunday Sept. 27. People had a chance to eat their dinners while we had a little open mic segment. Then we cut the awesome ukulele cake brought by our friend and fellow uker, Jane. There were also special ukulele cookies from Nana’s (AKA Sue’s) homemade cookie-torium.

Thanks to our open mic entertainers, and also to David, Wren, Mark and Chan for help with set-up. Another big thanks to all who donated to the room rental pot! And thanks, all, for coming out and having a good time!

Here are a few photos. If you’d like a higher resolution file of any of them, let me know!

Ukulele Picnic Pics – 2014

Well, we up and did it. Bozeman Ukulele Picnic 2014 is a wrap.

Thanks everybody for coming out, and special thanks to David (photos+infrastructure) Shawna (lemonade+flowers), Mark G, Mark. S. and Joe (play-along help).
Thanks also to all who came, brought goodies and entertained us with open mic songs — especially our visitors who drove all the way from Big Timber, Ennis, Lewistown and Butte! It was great to meet you and hear you play.

I hope everybody had a good time!

Ukin at the Waterfest

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There’s something about seeing a group of ukulele nuts playing outside at 47° F that kind of puts a smile on your face. Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret was asked to provide some live music for the Better Bozeman Project’s “Waterfest,” so the call for a ukulele flash mob went out and, in spite of cold temperatures and a dismal turnout, we had fun.

Fingers grew numb and fashion options were restricted to down coats and wool plaid, but we ripped through an hour or so of water-related songs, including “Take me to the River,” “Down by the Riverside,” “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” and “Water of Love.” Our enthusiastic audience of one dwindled when somebody handed her a ukulele and she became a former audience member. If only a bear or moose had wandered by, it would have been the perfect “Bozemandia” moment. Even so…