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Ukulele Jam tips for those who are not too cool for school

Hey ukers, here’s your reminder that 7pm this coming Monday, March 18 (the Monday after St. Patrick’s Day) is a super fun UKE JAM at Wild Joe*s in Bozeman!

This will be a low-key, unstructured, wide-open jam. (no mics! no boss! just come!) Bring your own song ideas to play, or come play along. We will NOT be providing all the songs and chords on an overhead. (But we will have a whiteboard and some chord diagrams on hand, in case anyone needs a bit o’ help.)

It’s okay to bring songs on paper, or in your headbone, or whatever you like. We’ll just see how things go. It’s a jam, man.

March-Ukulele-Jam-sqALERT: At the risk of sounding fussy, I’m going to write down some tips here for those who are new to jamming. If you’re too cool for school, don’t read this part or you will throw up!

What makes a GOOD JAM SONG? In a nutshell: Familiar, Repetitive, 4 chords or less* (*obviously that’s not a rule, just a fuzzy guideline). Usually the best jam songs are something that people are already familiar with, or that they can learn pretty quickly. Songs with a repeating chorus that people can sing along on are usually fun.

What’s a JAM BUSTER? A song that’s just way too complicated for people to pick up, or that nobody else knows and you really don’t know well enough yourself to lead. …Kinda tends to grind things to a halt.

What’s woodshedding? Woodshedding is practicing up a little ahead of time. (Like you might sneak out of the cabin and run off to the woodshed and practice where nobody can hear you, then really impress folks and they’re like, “Wha??? How’d you learn that up so dern good?”)

Where can you find some songs with uke charts? There’s no shame in playing something simple, and there’s no such thing as cheating. If you don’t know any songs by heart, don’t beat yourself up.
Here are a few sites with uke chords that you can print out and bring along, if needed.

So, you know… blah blah blah… Happy Woodshedding!

FINALLY, and Srsly:
All “4 tips on jamming” poopiness aside, do anything you want! The most important thing is to get out there and have fun! So do that!