Sunday Sessions


We try to schedule a casual play-along for the first or second Sunday of each month from Sept-May (excluding holidays).

Usually it’s at the Bozeman Public Library, but time and location can vary, so check our Calendar or Facebook for info.

It’s a chance to get together and play some songs. Feel free to bring your own song(s) to share*, but if you don’t have a song to share, come play along anyway! We provide sheet music and overhead projected songs with soprano ukulele chord charts. (If you have a baritone ukulele, please read this page.)

All you have to do is bring a ukulele and show up. No registration required. But do check the Calendar to confirm time, date and place!

BEGINNERS: You are welcome to join the fun! This is not a lesson, but we do try to include easier songs in the first half-hour of the jam. You’re welcome to come for part or all of the play-along. Nobody expects perfection here!

LOANER UKULELES: If you (or a visiting friend) should need to borrow a ukulele for the session, we have loaners on hand. To reserve on, use the contact form on the ABOUT page and drop a note ahead of time, so we can plan to bring one for you.

(*Attendance wavers around 15 people, if you are making photocopies of a song you want to share.)



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