Valentine Retrospective at Story – Feb 7 2018

2018 is our 6th year of hosting a Valentine ukulele Play-Along! Thanks to Bozeman Parks and Rec’s “Pickin in the Park” program, the event will be held at the Story Mansion, 7:30pm, Wednesday, Feb 7.

Friends have been telling me they’d like to just play some favorites from the last 6 years, so I made a compilation of all of our Valentine play-alongs from 2013-2018. I will bring a few surprises, but you’re invited to select a song from the following list that you’d most enjoy revisiting (or visiting for the first time, if you’re new to our loose knit bunch of loose cannons)!

Ukulele fun starts at 7:30 (after the fiddle jam). We’ll meet in the library until they’re done, and then move to the main room to play for about an hour from big Valentine Retrospective songbooks that I’ll provide. At 8:30 the play-along will morph into an open string jam, (i.e. players take turns leading songs without sheet music). Stay if you like, it’s a lot of fun!

If you feel like practicing, here is a big PDF with all the songs listed below in it. But there’s no need to practice! We generally fly by the seat of the pants, “no harm, no foul” and just have fun! Players of all skill levels are welcome, and at the Story jam, any acoustic string instrument is welcome to join the ukulele fun. As long as you pay us intrepid ukers the respect and honor that we’re inherently due… 😉

See you tonight! 7:30 PM WEDNESDAY FEB. 7 at the STORY MANSION!

Valentine Retrospective




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