Ukin Uke-in at Story Mansion Nov 1, 2017

Our October “Uketoberfest” picnic brought ukers new & old to the Story Mansion! Thanks everyone who helped with this event, and to Bozeman Parks and Recreation’s Pickin in the Park program for hosting us!

On a trial basis, we’ve been invited to join the monthly rotation of Pickin in the Park events at the Story Mansion.

Marla will host a drop-in community ukulele play-along (Very easy-going! Much like our library sessions.) the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month (Nov 1, 2017) at 7:30pm. This will follow the First Wednesday Fiddle jam, which usually ends around 7:30, so ukers, please be respectful of the fiddlers and don’t lurk ominously or noodle on your ukes while they’re wrapping up.

Marla will bring some new songs on the theme “HOUSES” (doors! windows! stairs? ceilings? floors? roofs?) and you’re welcome to bring some songs you’d like to play on that theme (or any theme, for that matter)!

See you at 7:30 Wednesday, November 1. (That’s the day after Halloween, folks!) At Story Mansion, 811 South Willson, Bozeman. Everyone is welcome and loaner ukes will be on hand. (This will be an all-acoustic jam, no mics or amps.)


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