Bozeman Ukulele Picnic Sunday, Aug. 17 2014


The date is set! Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret will host its 2014 Summer Ukulele Picnic at Lindley Park Pavilion (in Lindley Park) from 3:30-10 pm on Sunday, August 17. A beginning ukulele lesson is offered from 3:30-5pm. All are welcome to join us for a no-host picnic, ukulele jam and play-along at 6:00 pm.


Lindley Park occupies the 900 block of E. Main in Bozeman. It’s not far past the library as you are heading East out of town. There is a parking area in the park, at the top of the hill as you enter the park from Main. The pavilion is located to the left (East) side of the parking area, north of the playground equipment. It’s pretty easy to find. Watch for signs!

3:30 pm UKULELE CRASH COURSE: If you don’t play the ukulele but want to learn, we’ll offer a free BEGINNER crash course to get you up and running. Registration for the lesson is closed (as of 1pm Aug. 17) but walk-ins are welcome–Just understand that we have a limited number of lesson materials and loaner ukuleles. The lesson is for BEGINNERS who have never played before. It is geared for a mixed age group, but is likely too fast-paced for children under 8 years old.

6:00 pm PICNIC, JAM and PLAY-ALONG: Bring your ukulele, your picnic dinner and “play-along-able” song(s) to share or perform (if you like). Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret will provide ice cream, lemonade and song sheets for some ukulele tunes that we can all play along on. We’re prepared to serve about 30, so if more show up, we’ll improvise and share!

8:00 pm Sunset Flash Mob? Depending on how things go, it might be fun to walk over to Peet’s Hill and salute the sunset with a ukulele tune. We’ll see!

Other details: Beer/wine are allowed, but moderation is strongly encouraged. Dogs on leash are allowed in the park, but they can be pretty distracting, so you’re encouraged to leave them home. Since we’re not sure how much seating we’ll have or need, it might be a good idea to throw a lawn chair and a music stand in your rig if you have them handy!

GET IN THE KNOW: Join the Ukulele Picnic Facebook Event or ask to be added to our mailing list for updates about this and other events!


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