Valentine Play-Along Practice Preview

valentine songs 2014For those of you who would like to practice up a bit ahead of time for our Valentine Ukulele Open Mic & Play-Along Night (7-9pm Feb 14 2014 at Wild Joe’s in Bozeman) here’s  a PDF of the songs with chord charts pretty much as they’ll be on the 14th. (We will hand out songbooks the night of and it’s possible that they might differ slightly from this draft, but it will be pretty close.)  valentine songs 2014

These (and maybe a surprise or two) will be the songs that we all play together. It will be fun! Everyone is welcome!

The evening of Feb. 14 2014 will go something like this:

6:30pm* – Sign up for remaining open mic slots. (They are going fast online! You can DIBS an open mic slot NOW or sign up night-of, on a first-come basis. — So, dibs a slot NOW if you want to be sure that we allow time for you to perform.) Please note that since time is limited, we ask that performers play only ONE song until everyone has had a chance. If there is extra time, we’ll ask for encore volunteers.)

*Don’t to forget to buy a drink or treat to show appreciation to our generous host, Wild Joes!

We break up the night into four half-hour sets:

7:00 First set of open mic

7:30 First set of play-along

8:00 Second set of open mic

8:30 Last set of Play-Along (Audience votes on “Saddest Song,” “Sweetest Song,” and “Most Elegant Valentine Attire.”) (Your own interpretation of elegant is encouraged.)

9:00 Awards and last play-along song.

It will be a hoot! Even if you don’t have a ukulele, you can come, sing along and vote! But if you DO have a ukulele, come, strum and be awesome!

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