Valentine’s Day Ukulele Massacre Feb 14 2014

valentine-uke-feb14-2014What time is it? It’s Valentimes!

So dust off your ukulele and invite your friends. This year’s Bozeman Valentine Ukulele bash will be on ACTUAL VALENTINE’S DAY, Friday, Feb 14 7-9pm at Wild Joe*s!

This is your big chance to practice up a song and perform for prizes in the categories of “Sweetest Love Song” and “Saddest Love Song.” You don’t really have to be that good! We will love you NO MATTER WHAT.

AND we’ll have a play-along too, so even if you don’t plan to take the stage, bring your uke + strum along!

If you plan to perform, please DIBS an OPEN MIC SLOT ahead of time. Simply drop a message in the comment box with your name and the song you plan to do, or send a message via Facebook or fill out this super nifty form and click SUBMIT.

(You can still sign up night-of, but it really helps with planning if we know how many plan to play.) DO IT! It’s FUN! And it will IMPRESS your SWEETIE! (No sweetie? It’s also a great way to drown your Valentine sorrows and/or improve your love life.) EVERYBODY LOVES A UKULELE PLAYER!!!!!

Songs about hearts broken or otherwise — and anything (even remotely) on the LOVE theme are IN! Suggestions for play-along songs welcome, too. Mark thy calendar! Tell your pals!

If you need help (a lot or a little) preparing your performance, or a loaner ukulele for the night, let us know. Ukulele nuts are standing by.

See you Friday, Feb 14, if not sooner!

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