New ukulele fun for 2014 – Please share your input!

ukes-rockinHi friends, it’s 2014!

Welcome to the third year of the last ukulele craze on earth: The Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret! (Many hold that Bozeman, Montana is the last place that trends arrive—from sushi, to cupcake stores, to restaurants with one-word names, to ukulele-playing! So, take a moment to appreciate the distinction that Bozeman’s ukulele craze may officially be the last ukulele craze anywhere! This doesn’t make us behind the times…it makes us COOL! Like Lost Horizon! Or that VW Beetle in Sleeper! Don’t hide your ukulele late-comer light under a bushel, grab a ukulele and plink like there’s no tomorrow!)

Great news for 2014: UKULELE CLUBHOUSE under construction!
(Well, virtually under construction…we’re not talking bricks and mortar.)

Two local volunteers, (Mark Grenier, the sweetest, most mellow man that ever plucked four strings, and Mark Sinclair, Belgrade’s mysteriously quiet but secretly-super-fun 1/4-Hawaiian artisan baker and ukulele strummer) have volunteered to help Marla Goodman (reluctant but cheerful ukulele instigator) lead regular ukulele get-togethers this year! …It’s been dubbed The Ukulele Clubhouse! …As of right …Now!

Please Please Please Share Your Input!!!
We’re ready to get started (and get you practicing for this year’s Valentine’s Day Ukulele Massacre at Wild Joes, Feb. 14). All we need is a little input about your interests so we can put our heads together to best serve your uking desires. We’ll try to plan a meeting day that best suits the majority of likely attenders, and customize our plans to help everyone’s uking dreams come true.

SO! Please fill out this form to help us get the new UKULELE CLUBHOUSE underway! (forms go straight to Marla and are not published). (Just type your answers in the boxes. It’s short! Honest! –And don’t forget to click the SUBMIT button when done.)

Thanks! And here’s to another year in the last, best place for ukulele fun!


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