October 10 Ukulele Open mic – Cowboys, Werewolves, Aliens and Other Supernatural Things

Oct_10_Ukulele_Open_MicDoesn’t October make you think of Cowboys? And Werewolves? And Aliens? And other supernatural stuff? Thought so.

That’s why we picked the theme of COWBOYS + WEREWOLVES + ALIENS + other supernatural stuff for our October ukulele open mic and play-along at Wild Joe’s! The evening will be partly open mic and partly play-along, with chord sheets provided by your ukulele instigating friends at the B.U.C.

Mark your date-book and think up a song to perform! (Dibs an open mic slot by commenting on this post or signing up at the door)

Even if you do not desire the fame, glory and limelight of the open mic setting, bring your ukulele! All are welcome to strum along on fun songs ranging from tried and true country western oldies by Hank Williams to pop tunes by Warren Zevon, Steve Miller Band and other respected supernatural subject matter specialists.

The open mic sign-up will be posted at the door at Wild Joe’s beginning at 6:30 pm, or drop us a note via the Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret Facebook page.

For keep up with developments, join the Cowboys + Werewolves… EVENT via Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret’s Facebook page.

(Agghh! We can’t stop saying Facebook page!)

Wild Joes is located at 18 West Main in Bozeman.  (DUH!)

PS: Yes, we are going to do Werewolves of London as a play-along song.


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