Yes Uke Can Crash Course

Yes Uke Can Lesson 1We offer the free Yes You Can ukulele crash course a few times a year, or you can try the course yourself by downloading the PDF:


In this all ages class, we look at our ukuleles and identify the head, neck, body, sound hole, tuning pegs, frets, bridge, and nut

We talk about what you need to do to play a song.

  • Hold your ukulele
  • Press down between certain frets
  • Strum a rhythm
  • Change chords at the right time

First we try strumming with no chord, covering the strings with our left hand.

  • Strumming down and strumming up

We learn the names of the strings, GCEA “Goats Can Eat Anything”
We learn to press the first string on the third fret to play a C chord.
We play “Frere Jacques” with C

We learn to play “My Dog Has Fleas” using Am7, C7, and C

That’s the end of the kids’ course. Older youth and adults can continue on to learn the F chord and practice 2 chord songs using F and C7.

In the longer (2 hour) version of the course, we go on to learn the G7 and G chords, and play some 3-chord songs.

I designed this course to introduce several basic concepts:

  • Learn to place your fingers on the strings to create easy chords
  • Learn to get ready to change chords
  • Learn to stop the strings to strum chk-chk
  • Try three strumming rhythms:
    • Bump Bump Bump Bump
    • Ditty Ditty Ditty Ditty
    • Bump Ditty Bump Ditty

After you have gone through this stage, the booklet introduces other chords and familiar songs.




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