Ukuleles to play Talking Heads covers on the green, Sat. Aug. 24 Bozeman

561877_358279564230749_32527004_nThe Bozeman Film Festival has invited the Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret to be part of the pre-show fun before the “Screen on the Green” outdoor showing of “Stop Making Sense,” Saturday, August 24 at the Emerson Center lawn in Bozeman.

Okay, so we’re not officially billed as part of the warm-up show… But we are indeed planning to be there with a (surprise!) ukulele group, doing our best to miniaturize, but not completely demolish, two or three Talking Heads songs on our teenie weenie little Hawaiian geetars!

If you are reading this post and you’d like to join the ukulele Talking Heads fun, drop a comment and we’ll get you in the loop with practice times and locations. Fun is good!

“Screen on the Green 2013” will be a hoot!  It’s a fund-raiser for digital projection equipment to facilitate the Bozeman Film Festival’s film series at the Emerson’s Crawford Theater. (Both the Bozeman Film Festival and Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture are nonprofits.)

Starting at 6pm, there will be live bands, food vendors, a beer garden, a David Byrne costume contest, and other fun before the outdoor screening of “Stop Making Sense,” starts (around 9pm).


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