Victor and Penny Ukulele Workshop + Concert — Aug. 5 Bozeman

Victory and Penny

Victory and Penny

The Kansas City based Antique Pop duo Victor & Penny arrived in Bozeman Sweet Pea weekend. The Monday after their Sweet Pea performances, they’ll give a downtown workshop and concert at Wild Joe’s.

Performing on ukulele and a lovely old guitar, Victor & Penny are known for their twist on the music of the early 20th century as well as unique arrangements of modern tunes and clever originals. Their jazz guitar licks are anchored by a fiery one-ukulele rhythm section.

Sweet Pea organizers put the Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret in touch with Jeff Freling and Erin McGrane (Victor & Penny) to help them organize a downtown workshop and concert for folks who’d like a closer look and a chance to pick up a little of their technique.


Victory & Penny’s Downtown Bozeman Ukulele Workshop + Concert
— Monday, August 5 at 7pm
— Wild Joe’s Coffee, 18 W. Main
(A $5 donation for the concert and workshop is suggested.)

THE WORKSHOP: “Ukulele as a rhythm instrument”
Erin McGrane and Jeff Freling of Victor & Penny will show you the difference between just strumming along and driving the rhythm. Learn simple but effective strumming techniques and delve into the styles of swing and gypsy jazz. They’ll also demonstrate how to arrange songs for ukulele including interpreting the feel and finding useful chord substitutions to help you play more confidently and musically.Bring your ukulele! Or soak up some tips even if you don’t have a ukulele! The 45- to 60-minute workshop, open to all ages and abilities, begins at 7, with the concert to follow.
Don’t miss this chance to get out your ukulele on Monday, August 5 at Wild Joe’s — Come! Strum! Be awesome!
— B.U.C.
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