Monthly Ukulele Jam – Monday March 18

March-Ukulele-JamFolks keep asking us to keep organizing ukulele events, so starting this March, we’re going to try some unstructured, un-amplified sessions, beginning with a wide-open ukulele jam at 7pm on Monday, March 18. at Wild Joe*s coffeehouse in Bozeman.

This will NOT be the kind of thing where we have all the songs planned ahead of time. It’s up to the players to brings song ideas of their own to share with the group, and help folks play along. (Songs with repetitive choruses make good jam songs, because even if everybody doesn’t know the words, they can join on the chorus!) If you like, feel free to bring six or so photocopies of your song, or just tell us the chords and dive in. Whatever!

In the spirit of helping beginners, we will have a whiteboard on hand and chord diagrams, so come, strum and be awesome.


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