Songs to Chill By fun sheets and upcoming February 13 Uke event

Hey uke pals, thanks for coming out to the January play-along at Wild Joe’s! Here is a delicious PDF [ ALL SONGS 1280×800 ] of the songs we played tonight with a few bonus tunes, in case you want to try them at home. (To give credit where due, I got some of these arrangements from our friends at Ukulele Boogaloo and Dr. Uke.)

Next up is our “Lovers and Martyrs” Ukulele Valentine Serenade on Wed. Feb. 13 at 7pm.

It will be half open mic, and half play-along, so it oughta be a great opportunity to make your sweetie swoon, or to drown your romantic sorrows with your own personal four-stringed romance counselor, however it happens to shake out.

We plan to have a nice PA set up in the front window of Wild Joe’s for those who would like to enter the ukulele limelight and perform a song, and all comers will be welcome to bring their ukes and play along on some all-play tunes.

See you Feb 13!


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