Uke Ant Always Get What You Want… Ukulele Beatles and Stones Night Sept 28.

Ukulele Beatles and Stones Night, Sept 28 2012 at Wild Joes, Bozeman MTThis just in:

The Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret has booked Friday, Sept. 28 7-9 pm for an ALL-UKE, ALL-BEATLES, ALL-STONES performance night up front at Wild Joes Coffeehouse in Bozeman.

This time, instead of open mic, we’re having a performer list. That is: If you want to perform one or a couple Beatles or Stones songs that night (solo or in groups) contact me to get on the performer list. (I do receive comments left on this blog.)

If you need a little backup, or some help getting your song prepared, we have Beatles and Stones song gurus on call 24-7. Drop a line, the Beatles/Stones ukulele emergency response team is standing by.

(As a finale we will do a couple of songs as a big group — more info on that later. Definitely “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” — other play-along songs TBD.)

Mark the calendar — SPREAD THE WORD — and dibs your favorite Stones/Beatles cover today!

More to come, soon!


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