Summery songs for the ukulele

We’re gearing up for our July 9 play-along  (Monday, July 9 at 5:15 pm at the Bozeman Public Library) so I’m getting inspired for some fun summer songs. With deepest apologies to Jonathan Richman and Eddie Cochran, I give you newly transposed versions of “Ice Cream Man” and “Summertime Blues.” I switched them to keys that are a little easier to play for uke beginners.

If you haven’t heard “Ice Cream Man,” it’s a Richman classic! (I was too lazy to include the full arrangement, so you will just have to run out and buy lots of Johnathan Richman albums in order to fully immerse yourself in his music and then commit the arrangement to memory.)


2 thoughts on “Summery songs for the ukulele

  1. John hamilton says:

    stumbled upon your blog. I started “FortUKE” down in Fort Collins where we have a pretty strong core group of strummers. I am always trying to get the younger ukers to show without alienating the sageUKERS. I really like the feel of what you are doing, would love to come and visit one of your meetings some time.


    • goodwerks says:

      Thanks John! I’m not sure whether I’ve been successful in not alienating the sages. We usually seem to have an average of 12-15 players, about half of whom are regulars. We meet about once a month and I’m never sure if the decision whether or not to attend is based on time conflicts, or some other reason (too advanced, not advanced enough, irritating host, etc.). But people keep telling me to keep organizing play-alongs, so they must enjoy them! We’re kinda loosey-goosey in our approach. One thing that’s nice about having the get-togethers at the library meeting room is that we can look up chords on the web on the fly. If you’re ever in the Bozeman area, get in touch and we’ll try to schedule some type of event! –Marla

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