Come, Strum, Be Awesome! Ukulele “Woodshed Session” play-along June 11

Hi everybody!

The next super-fun ukulele play-along “woodshed session” is Monday June 11, at the Bozeman Public Library small meeting room.
(No mics, no audience, just fun!)

I publicized the start time as 5:15, since it’s hard for some people to get there at 5. However, we have the room from 5:00 – 7:00, so feel free to come at 5:00 if you like! (We will have the door closed to keep from rocking the roof off the library, so please walk right in if you arrive after the door is closed.)

We’ll just go around the room jam-style and take turns leading songs that everyone can play along on. If you don’t want to lead a song, that’s no dishonor! It’s okay to pass on leading a song and just play along.

We have an internet projection system and a dry erase board available to make it easier to share chord charts and lyrics. If you have a URL (or PDF) to the lyrics/chords for a song you want to play, feel free to email it to me ahead of time to save time (but we can also look it up on the fly). Other alternatives for sharing your song are passing around paper lyric/chord sheets or just writing chords up on the dry erase board for the benefit of anyone who needs them. That seemed to work just fine last time.

We’ll end at 6:50 so we can be out of the room by 7 sharp. (Anyone who wants can help put away chairs and tables! Yay!)

Get out your uke! And invite your ukey friends in the Bozeman area to COME, STRUM and be AWESOME!


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