Four More Songs for Planet Ukulele Play-along April 16

Here are some more tunes for our “Planet Ukulele” earthy stuff play-along night, Monday, April 16 from 5-7 at the Flying C Cafe (upstairs at the Bozeman Co-op).

This post includes four songs from our play-along list, in case you’d like to run through them on your own: “You Ain’t Goin Nowhere” by Bob Dylan, “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles, “Spanish Pipedream” by John Prine, and “Norwegian Wood” also by the Beatles.

Okay, so what’s the “earthy stuff” connection? you may ask. As for the “Nowhere…” titles, well, where would we be without the Earth?

I picked “Spanish Pipedream” (AKA Blow Up Your TV) because planting a garden and eating peaches are undeniably earthy activities, as is topless dancing.

“Norwegian Wood” is more of a stretch — would you buy Norway and wood are both things found on Earth as a tie-in? Hey, it’s fun to play on the uke!


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