Take me to the River — for April 16 Planet Ukulele Play Along

See, rivers are part of the Earth. Get it? This is one of the more difficult songs we’re going to try at the play-along. That D-A chord change may be a little fast for beginners. If that’s the case, just “chuck” on those chords (deaden the strings and keep strumming, so you don’t get lost, and jump back in on the chords you can play).

It may not sound exactly like Al Green or like the Talking Heads — maybe somewhere in between? I did a little adjusting to slow down the transitions so that hopefully we can make it through it together. (That B at the end of the bridge will give you a second to think before going into the last verse!)

Now folks, you’re going to have to do some barring on the 4th fret to play E7 and C#m. Don’t freak out! Give it a try. Bar chords are a lot easier to play on a ukulele than on a guitar. Rock on

Oops, someone pointed out that my chord diagram for E7 actually shows Eb7. Move it up to the 4th fret for E7, and kindly ignore the messed up diagram for now!


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