Song list shaping up for “Planet Ukulele” Earthy stuff play-along night

Here’s a tentative (firm as jelly!) list of songs that Mark Grenier and I put together for the play-along hour on April 16 at 5pm. If you have ideas for better, easier, more fun play-along songs that connect to the earthy theme, lay them on me! Also, if it’s your dream to be the lead singer/uker on any of these songs, we’re oh-so happy/relieved to share the honor. (Or, if you had dreamed of one of these as your open mic number, and you’d rather we don’t do it as an all-play) Just let us know!

I’ll be posting chord charts as I get them made.

Planet Ukulele Earth Day Play Along Song list in progress:

–Blow up your TV (John Prine)
–Big Yellow Taxi * (Joni Mitchell)
–Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version) — Think we can pull it off?
–Tiptoe Through the Tulips* (Dubin/Burke)
–Water of Love* (Dire Straits)
–Landslide* (Fleetwood Mac)
–Fire on the Mountain (Marshall Tucker Band)
–Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)
–Where do the Children Play (Cat Stevens)
–The Galaxy Song (Eric Idle)
–After the Goldrush (Neil Young)
–Norwegian Wood (Beatles)
–Lime and Coconut (Harry Nillson)
–You Ain’t Goin NoWhere (AKA Easy Chair) (Bob Dylan)
–Take me to the River* (Al Green/ Talking Heads)

*still kind of a maybe

Some other possibilities we didn’t try out yet…
This land is Your Land (Guthrie)
Water is Wide (Traditional)
Paradise (Prine)
Nowhere Man (Beatles)


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