Planet Ukulele open mic and play-along event planned for April 16

Ukulele open mic night Monday April 16 at the Flying C Cafe in BozemanThe Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret’s play-along and open mic night event is back by popular demand from 5 to 7 pm on Monday, April 16 at the Flying C Cafe. (Located upstairs at the Community Food Co-op, 908 W. Main, Bozeman)

Ukulele players and uke groupies, get out your ukes and join in PLANET UKULELE: an Earth Day themed play-along and open mic.

We’re not talking sad, bummer “Inconvenient Truth” Earth Day, here. Granted, ecological doom is looming, but we are playing ukuleles! The theme “all things earthy” can include stuff like trees, flowers, rain, stars, clouds, moon, planets, dirt, worms, mountains, critters… whatever loose connection open mic performers want to come up with. So take that theme and run with it, kids!

According to feedback from the first event, people wanted the time a little later and bigger chunks of music, but the Co-op requires that our event end by 7pm, so for the time being we’re stuck with the 5-7 pm slot. We did decide to break it into two big chunks, though, so if you don’t want to miss the play-along fun, be sure to come at 5pm for the play-along hour and stay for the open mic hour, which will begin at 6pm. (Remember, the Co-op has a great deli with hot entrees and salad bar downstairs, if you want to grab dinner. Coffee, beverages and sweet treats are available upstairs at the Flying C.)

If you have ideas for fun (i.e. upbeat, familiar and easy) earthy-themed play-along songs, drop a note on this post or on the Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret Facebook page. Theme related is good, but if we run short of ideas, not essential. Also, if you would like to lead part of the play-along segment, let us know.

Lyric sheets with chord charts will be projected on a screen for easy viewing, and will be posted periodically on this blog and Facebook.

Other plans for the April 16 event include sign-up sheets for a more frequent (such as weekly) ukulele play-along group and for a those interested in starting up a super-fun ukulele performance group to grace community events and the like with the dulcet tones of four-stringed bliss.

If you have ideas to add or your want to get involved, comment on this blog post, or reach us via the facebook page. Meanwhile, mark your calendar for April 16th, think up some earthy songs, practice up, and spread the word!


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