W00T! Open mic and play-along a hoot!

Bozeman’s first-ever (as far as we know) Valentine ukulele open mic and play-along was GO! Twenty or so players and a warm audience showed up at the Flying C Cafe for two 30-minute sets of open mic performances and a couple sets of play-along songs, all with the theme of love.

After dreaming this thing up and promoting it, I was delighted/relieved to see people actually come to it and participate! But if you were there, you could tell that I (Marla Goodman, mild mannered graphic designer and copywriter) am not really the on-stage type. I only organized it because I wanted it to happen, not because I wanted to lead it! In fact, I would have been too terrified to promote it at all if Ryan Cassavaugh hadn’t agreed to emcee. When he said yes, I knew no matter how lame I was, his coolness would cancel out my doofusness.

I was also terrified because I didn’t know how to set up the sound. I asked around hoping to find someone to help, but I couldn’t quite seem to wrangle an affirmative, “Stop worrying, I’ll take care of it” that I hoped for.

The afternoon of the open mic, Ryan and I were wrestling with the PA (okay, he was wrestling, I was watching) trying to get any sound out of it at all, and in walks this guy, Peter, with a suitcase full of microphones and cords, monitors and God knows what else. He managed to get us up and flying, and in spite of a rather bumpy start, the open mic acts sounded great! I now regard Peter and Ryan as my personal saviors, and will gladly throw myself in front of a UPS truck to save either of their asses at the soonest opportunity.

The open mic acts really were good, and it was a dream come true for me to hear them. People seemed gung-ho about the play-along songs too, so it was a regular love fest.

I’m now in the process of setting up a Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret Google Group mailing list and encouraging LIKES for the Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret Facebook page, to solicit input from people who attended (or didn’t) and involvement from those who might like to help with future play-alongs and open mics.

Huge thanks to all of the people who helped out and to the Flying C Cafe for making the Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret real!


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