“I Will” Chords for Ukulele practice

Okay ukulele play-alongers, here are the chords for “I Will.” Don’t worry too much about those G7 transition chords. If they bum you out, just skip them. Let me know if you see any horrible mistakes. Remember, the colored boxes just indicate the word that the chord change goes with. There is no secret agenda. The # symbol indicates that a chord change happens, but there’s no word.


3 thoughts on ““I Will” Chords for Ukulele practice

  1. Yvette says:

    do you know the strumming pattern? I can’t figure it out, sorry! v.v

    • goodwerks says:

      I think it’s a straight 4 count with an accent on the 3rd beat. Kind of a diddy-chucka diddy-chucka sound.
      SO: G (down-up down-up) Em (down-up down-up) Am (down-up down-up) D (down-up down-up)
      or to get a little fancier, put the accent in by “chucking” on the second down strum
      SO: G (down-up CHUCK-up) Em (down-up CHUCK-up) Am (down-up CHUCK-up) D (down-up CHUCK-up)
      You’ll be hitting the first down strum of the chord on the highlighted words.
      Hope this helps!

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