I Love Uke Very Much: Valentine Ukulele Open Mic and Play Along

So you have a ukulele, you learned to play a few chords and you’re burning with the desire to strum your way to ukulele greatness? Or wait, maybe you’re actually GOOD on the ukulele, and you wouldn’t mind sharing a tune with a small but appreciative audience? Great!

The first-ever Valentine Ukulele Open Mic and Play Along in Bozeman is your chance to share your love of those 4 strings with the world and other like-minded kooks.

Bring your uke to the Flying C Cafe (upstairs at the Co-op)  on Monday, Feb 13. You can sign up for your moment in the limelight at the open mic, or participate in novice-level play-alongs. The theme is LOVE! Everyone is welcome!

If you have ideas for fun play-along songs (think beginner level chords) with the word LOVE in them, please post a comment. I’ll be posting chord charts for the play alongs ahead of time, so that beginners can wood-shed a bit to be ready. At the event, we’ll either have chords projected on the wall, or some other means of easy cheat-sheet viewing figured out.

Your suggestions and ideas to make this a super fun event are welcome and encouraged. Bring your uke and have some fun on Monday, Feb 13!Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret presents the Valentine Ukelele Open Mic and Play Along


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